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The Most Notable Food Trends for 2014

Our generation is becoming more and more interested about what to eat, where to eat it, and even how we can make it all ourselves. If you’re part of the clan that is keen on culinary trendology, we’ve got your go-to list for fantastic new food trends to sink your teeth into for 2014

More than ever before, food and all that is culinary is a hugely important topic among young professionals. Making a sport of our #instafood posts and stylishly delicious resto check-ins, our generation is becoming more and more interested about what to eat, where to eat it, and even how we can make it all ourselves. Hence, if you’re part of the clan that is keen on culinary trendology, we’ve got your go-to list for fantastic new food trends to sink your teeth into for 2014. 

1. Cauliflower, Coconut, & Chocolate Éclairs
Edging out its 2013 four-letter green leafy predecessor (HINT: starts with a ‘K’ and ends with an ‘E’; pretty obvious, we know.), cauliflower has been shortlisted as the up-and-coming veggie darling of the year. Not only is this broccoli cousin loaded with nutrients, it can be mashed, grilled, broiled, barbecued, or souped.” Yep, we’re ahead of the game. Where sweet treats are concerned, gone are our favourite French macarons as top dogs of the dessert food chain. Instead, a forgotten French delicacy, the éclair, will take the cake for 2014 (here’s hoping there’ll also be an abundance of treadmills around this year too). Last but not least, coconut is also exploding this year, being prepared for both sweet and savoury taste buds. Look for it in sugar, flour, milk and even vinegar.

2. From Farm to Fork
We Canadians are becoming more and more conscious of where our food comes from, a concern brought about by both a growing eco-awareness as well as a desire for some good old-fashioned homestyle cooking. Locally-sourced products not only tend to have more nutritional benefit (think vine-ripened and picked at the peak of freshness – doesn’t that sound nice?) than imported, but they also reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that accompany long-distance transport. This farm-fresh trend is of particular importance in the restaurant industry, with some eateries like our beloved Joe Beef, renowned kings of artisanal eating, now keeping their own fresh gardens right out back of the restaurant. For cooks at home, neighbourhood farmers’ markets and community food projects like Montreal’s Lufa Farms are proliferating as people are insisting on the tastiest of tasty food for 2014.

3. Foodies for a Cause
Long since the heydays of consumer activism for fair trade coffee and reusable Nalgenes, topics like sustainable fishing, food waste and carbon footprints were particularly poignant issues for 2013 and continue to be on the tip of foodie consumers’ tongues as they eat their way into the new year. Experts predict that consumers will be drawn to those brands that deliver a consumer-friendly product, while also supporting initiatives that are good for the environment and for the rights of our little animal friends. And hey, if they don’t want to listen, well then we’re gonna picnic on the picket line!

4. Veggie Victorious
With vegetable dishes ranked 2nd of the “Most Popular Food Trends for 2013” according to, restaurant-goers continue to demand healthy menu options for the year ahead. Indeed “clean-eating” is the food scene’s latest and hottest buzz phrase, going hand-in-hand with the continually increasing interest in vegan diets. With all the veggie hoopla, it only makes sense that most business-savvy institutions have begun to oblige. As the movement gains momentum, say goodbye to those boring sides of “rabbit food” and keep your eyes peeled for some upmarket gourmet-good veg.

5. Heady for Bread
Rejecting its boring old basket-bound hunger-staver status, bread will be claiming its own spot in the limelight as a hot food specialty for the new year. Diners are re-thinking their relationship with this grainy staple, and the role of bread in our diets is changing rapidly as funky new bread varietals continue to “rise” in the mainstream. Even though you can never really go wrong with a classic French baguette from your local bakery, you’ll be seeing some brave new buns out there with standard loaves ranging from ciabatta to challah, to pretzel. A new Montreal favourite for all things bready is Hof Kelsten, whose drool-worthy specialty breads can already be found both behind the counter and in a host of great restaurants around the city.

6. Google Your Groceries
As most of our daily tasks move online, web-friendly grocers and tech-based food shopping are also the way of the future. Look out for increased online ordering accessibility from your local stores (now available at Montreal’s IGA and PA Supermarkets) and smartphone apps that actually triangulate your position in the store of your choice and remind you of important ingredients once you reach the appropriate aisle. Ain’t that fancy.

7. Tea Time
Perhaps taking cue from the beguilingly British masterpiece that is Downton Abbey, Canadians continue to lean toward keeping caffeinated with tea instead of coffee. With the rising popularity of specialty tea houses, high tea ceremonies and the Oprah-endorsed Canadian superCafe David’s Tea, it seems that the hot leafy bevvy craze is definitely here to stay. Not only that, but the crazy variety of new and exotic tea blends will let you play psychoanalyst with new acquaintances… kinda like when their Iced, half caff, ristretto, venti, four-pump, sugar-free, cinnamon, dolce soy skinny latte order was a warning sign to go running for the hills. Nobody likes a Starbucks snob.

8. Have No Fear, Superfoods are Still Here:
Every year, claims emerge heralding the discovery of new and incredible “superfoods,” more often than not boasting names that no one can pronounce. Well as far as food voodoo goes, 2014 will not disappoint. Experts are already touting the benefits of newfangled miracle ingredients like freekehteff, chorella and maca, all of which will be making appearances on menus far and wide. You’ll also be seeing loads of the year’s favourite antioxidant-rich cauliflower, alongside oldies but goodies like quinoa, sweet potato, and kale.

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