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Black-Centric Documentaries and TV Shows to Watch to Better Educate Yourself

It’s no surprise that in the last eight years or so, there has been a massive resurgence of critically-acclaimed black-focused entertainment, from television shows like Real Housewives of Atlanta, all the way to important documentaries like 13th, a new world has opened for black television writers, producers and directors to

HOT DOCS AT HOME ON CBC for Free – Who Doesn’t Love Free Right Now?

Pre “virus-that-will-not-be-named” era, people engaged in high-risk activity. Simple daily activities such as dating even. Perhaps going to catch a film on a Friday evening with a friend or even (gasp) groups of friends.  Well for the time being the coronavirus – not to be confused with an ice-cold Corona,

Netflix is Hiring a Foodie Instagrammer for Season 2 of Chef’s Table

Despite all suggestions to the contrary – reality TV, technology, and an inability to finish one’s train of… something – we’re all getting smarter. How do I know? Because 2016 is unofficially the age of the documentary, the popularity of which has grown leaps and bounds of late. It’s in

Watch the Trailer for the New Chris Farley Documentary

For those of us who spent the 90s trying to convince our parents to stay up till midnight on the weekends, there was no bigger pay off than watching Chris Farley perform. Farley used to say he only played one character, only he played him at different volumes. Well, for

Five Documentaries Young Professionals Can Learn From

From lessons in money management to the realities of cutthroat competition in the business world, young professionals can learn a lot about their own lives and careers through these five must-see documentaries