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Netflix is Hiring a Foodie Instagrammer for Season 2 of Chef’s Table

Despite all suggestions to the contrary – reality TV, technology, and an inability to finish one’s train of… something – we’re all getting smarter.

How do I know? Because 2016 is unofficially the age of the documentary, the popularity of which has grown leaps and bounds of late.

It’s in no small part thanks to Netflix, which airs a number of amazing documentaries that show us the hidden side of some seriously interesting stories (six of out the 8 Documentaries You Need to Watch ASAP can be found on the Canadian Netflix).

Not content to just educate us and lift us out of the gutter, Netflix is now looking for a food Instagrammer, who it will pay to travel around the world, posting pictures of food on their behalf.

So if you have a knack for finding the best light to capture your avocado on toast, or aren’t afraid of toppling from your chair in the middle of a restaurant in the pursuit of the perfect pic of your dinner, this could be the job for you.

According to Food and Wine, the lucky candidate will be sent to Brazil, San Francisco, Thailand and Mexico among other locations around the globe to visit restaurants featured in season two of Chef’s Table.

Small catch: technically speaking, the position is an opportunity extended to their SE Asian followers.

But if moving to Asia temporarily didn’t sound like an epic plan anyway, consider actually getting paid to eat delicious food, travel around the world, and post foodie pics on Instagram (like you don’t already) for the privilege.

You missed out on the opportunity to spend the summer drinking beer and travelling the world with World of Beer, and Netflix already hired four Grammasters to travel to movie sets around the world and document the behind-the-scenes for $2,000 a week.

How many more opportunities do you think you’re going to get?!

To apply, follow @NetflixAsia on Instagram, repost foodie photos and/or some new ones, and add #MyChefsTable to the caption.

Applicants only have until June 27 to enter their submissions – so go forth and annoy your fellow diners.



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