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Micro-Cheating is a Thing, and You Have Probably Experienced It

Most young professionals know how trying (i.e. utterly exhausting) dating and relationships have become in our double-edge sword-filled digital age. Since its arrival over a decade ago, social media has facilitated affairs, exposed affairs, broken up relationships, inspired blowout fights between couples, and triggered relationship anxiety. For all the good

“Working Late”: How Cheaters Juggle Valentine’s Day

As it turns out, the side piece won’t be sitting on the sidelines this Valentine’s Day. Nope. Apparently, times have changed. Surprising new finding’s from the cheater’s longtime tool, Ashley Madison, found that nearly one-third of cheaters will celebrate the Hallmark holiday of love with their affair partner. The forever-controversial

Apparently, Cheating Men May Have a Certain “Look”

Anyone who has experienced the “joy” of being cheated on knows that the discovery of such behavior (whether a one-night stand in Vegas or a full blown affair) is pretty much the worst feeling in the world. If you’ve been burned in the past, odds are, you’ve not only developed

Infamous Cheating Site Ashley Madison Finds a Softer Way to Ruin Your Life

When your business model is based on getting sad, desperate people to cheat on their partners, you can’t be surprised when you get some pushback. I’m sure you can all remember Ashley Madison’s massive data breach last summer that exposed reality TV star and “family values activist” Josh Duggar as a

You Can Now Pay $5 to Find Out If Someone is on Tinder

The world of modern dating has drastically changed over the last few years following the launch of Tinder. Now, instead of sifting through eligible dating candidates online (and reading through endless profiles), men and women can swipe their way to a potential match with the flick of their finger. As the