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Infamous Cheating Site Ashley Madison Finds a Softer Way to Ruin Your Life

When your business model is based on getting sad, desperate people to cheat on their partners, you can’t be surprised when you get some pushback.

I’m sure you can all remember Ashley Madison’s massive data breach last summer that exposed reality TV star and “family values activist” Josh Duggar as a lying scumbag.

Along with roughly 32 million other users – especially in Ottawa.

While some say there’s no such thing as bad publicity, last year’s scandal would be hard for any brand to bounce back from, let alone one whose tagline literally used to be, “Life’s short. Have and affair.”

But, gosh darn it, the folks at Ashley Madison – the digital incarnation of a stripper whispering sweet temptations in your ear – are trying anyway. They’ve undergone a brand refresh, softening their in-your-face cheating mandate for something a little easier to swallow. Their fresh new look is evident in a series of television commercials, set to air this week.

Now the infidelity-based dating website is telling you to “find your moment,” whether that be at a conference or even on the subway.

See, guys, it’s not about cheating. It’s about romance and adventure! Just kidding – no amount of hipster-y Lumineers-esque background music is going to change the fact that cheating is a shitty thing to do.

#Branding – isn’t it wonderful?


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