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#NotablePeople: Emilia Ianeva, Owner of Berenson Fine Art

While battling breast cancer, Emilia Ianeva fell in love with her surgeon’s watercolour paintings. Now, she is putting on her second solo exhibit of Dr. John Semple’s work at Berenson Fine Art, the gallery she owns in uptown Toronto. We caught up with Emilia to learn how art has been

Rethink Breast Cancer is Taking a New Approach to Charity

Charity work isn’t always a sexy topic, but Rethink Breast Cancer has founded a new approach to making it daring, fresh, and relevant. Unfortunately, everybody knows someone living with breast cancer. Rethink Breast Cancer is paving the way for breast cancer awareness with their team of entrepreneurial thinkers. With its

What Women with Breast Cancer Want You to Say

In case you’ve somehow missed the flood of pink and social media hashtags, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. To mark the occasion, Rethink Breast Cancer connected us with five young, brave women who have gone through breast cancer and its ramifications. They shared both what they wish people would

This is What it Feels Like to Lose Your Breasts

“The hardest part for me was looking in the mirror for the first time to see the scars on my chest. Nothing prepares you for that moment,” says Renee Kaiman. “After my surgery, it took me a few weeks before I was able to mentally prepare myself to look.” The