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Rethink Breast Cancer is Taking a New Approach to Charity

Charity work isn’t always a sexy topic, but Rethink Breast Cancer has founded a new approach to making it daring, fresh, and relevant.

Unfortunately, everybody knows someone living with breast cancer. Rethink Breast Cancer is paving the way for breast cancer awareness with their team of entrepreneurial thinkers. With its day-to-day support for people faced with breast cancer and its annual Boobyball events, Rethink Breast Cancer is taking a bold approach to charity.

Behind every badass organization is a strong woman.

At age 22, Rethink founder, MJ DeCoteau noticed there was a gap in breast cancer education, resources, and community for young people worldwide. By 2001, DeCoteau had developed a team of “rethinkers” to finally create a voice and bring young people to the forefront of conversation about breast cancer. By 2004, DeCoteau was even featured in Maclean’s Magazine’s Honour Roll as one of the top 10 Canadians making a difference.

Rethink Breast Cancer has sparked a movement with a new generation of young and influential breast cancer supporters. This reshaped charity model was designed to directly empower people concerned and affected by breast cancer. We’re talking the career driven and family-leading women who might not have the opportunity to research breast cancer. These busy women have unique needs and sometimes need motivation to take action with the breast health.

Not your mother’s awareness campaign.

Boobyball-Breast Cancer-Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness Month-CharityConversations about breast cancer awareness aren’t glamorous – but Rethink has focused their approach to accessible education, resources, advocacy, community engagement, and fundraising with confidence, sass, and style. Rethink is constantly seeking unique and creative new ways to support and engage with their community through cutting-edge initiatives – both on and offline. Rather than following tradition, Rethink is starting a dialogue that isn’t scary or overwhelming.

How you can get involved this Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Boobyball.

October’s most anticipated elite fundraising event, Boobyball, is back! You probably remember last year’s Get Physical theme, but this year Boobyball is visiting the Wild West. Why you ask? With all of the information to navigate through with a new diagnosis, life can feel like the Wild West. October 12th is the day to rally your friends, dress up in desert-chic attire, and contribute to a deserving cause (we know you’ve been looking for a chance to wear your cowboy boots).

Boobyball was launched in 2002 by a group of young women supporting their 23-year-old friend who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. Since then, Boobyball has grown to become nationwide contributor to the Rethink Breast Cancer mission.

Boobyball-Breast Cancer-Cancer Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Charity

Lets break it down:
– Toronto’s hottest party goers showing off their best country-glam looks
– Line dancing, horseshoe-tossing, and of course southern-inspired drinks
– Interactive experiences and live performances
– When: October 12, 2018 @ 8PM
– Where: REBEL, 11 Polson Street, Toronto ON, M5A 1A4

Not in Toronto? Boobyball is hosting events in Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa too! Still can’t make it? Boobyball is going live, y’all. To connect with everyone at home, Boobyball is creating an interactive night with influencer hosts. Be sure to follow Boobyball on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with all of the excitement!

Show your support to Boobyball and Rethink Breast Cancer by grabbing your tickets now!


Kirsten Dickson