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There’s nothing more Canadian than this 43-km Strava moose

We’re all doing our best to stay sane during these absurd time. Some are just better at it than others. Case in point: The Ontario cyclist who biked 43 kilometres along a moose-shaped course. Tracking his ride on Strava, he produced what is probably the most Canadian Strava art of

#NotablePeople: Emilia Ianeva, Owner of Berenson Fine Art

While battling breast cancer, Emilia Ianeva fell in love with her surgeon’s watercolour paintings. Now, she is putting on her second solo exhibit of Dr. John Semple’s work at Berenson Fine Art, the gallery she owns in uptown Toronto. We caught up with Emilia to learn how art has been

Toronto Artist Thrush Holmes Fuses Form and Function with Vibrant 3D Art

If you’re in the market for art that doubles as furniture, well-known Toronto artist Thrush Holmes is currently selling vibrant cubes that won’t break the bank. Holmes – a mixed media artist known for his eye-popping and unpredictable paintings – steps away from the flat canvass to explore three-dimensional forms,