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Gillian Jacobs on Being the Director of Your Own Life

When I meet Gillian Jacobs (pronounced with a hard G), I am surprised at how petite she is – a testament to her ability to breath a larger than life quality into the characters she plays. Take her role as Britta in the hit comedy Community, or the sex-crazed, alcohol-addicted

The Interior Design Show Offers Inspiration and Instagram Material

Whether your place is in need of a total facelift and you’re seeking some fresh design inspiration, you’re in the market for new networking opportunities, or looking to shake up date night, Toronto’s Interior Design Show (IDS18) is definitely worth checking out. The show – which reflects this year’s “Future

Young Professional: Mia Nielsen, The Curator

Meet Notable Young Professional, Mia Nielsen. You will be inspired by Mia’s self-motivation, vision and passion for business. Who are you and what do you do? I’m Mia Nielsen, curator and Head of Cultural Programming for The Drake. Do you know where you got your drive from? Well, if you’re

Water, Art and TIFF: What Do These All Have in Common?

Millennials are constantly on the search for something more. Disinterested in the confines of previous generational regimes and societal expectations, millennials are an impressive force behind consumer change and continued creative exploration and celebration. It seems we would rather explore beyond boundaries than exist within them, and brands are taking