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Amazon Has Discreetly Launched its Own Clothing Line

Sure, you can already buy fashion brands from Amazon, but pretty soon you’ll be able to buy fashion brands from Amazon. The e-commerce company has apparently launched seven private label fashion brands and up to 1,800 new products that range from men’s suits (yes, a suit made by Amazon), to women’s handbags and

These 5 Businesses Are Winning Customers Over With Exceptional Customer Service

We see it quite often; people remain fiercely loyal to a business because they’re so impressed with the company’s customer service. It’s arguably more common, though, to see people ditch businesses that may offer a great product on the market, but treat customers as an afterthought. Truly successful businesses pride

Video: This is What Amazon’s Drone Deliveries Will Look Like

Amazon Prime Air, the drone delivery service you knew was possible but kind of doubted would come to fruition despite consistently promising developments, will probably actually take off very soon. How do we know this? A commercial was made. Introduced as a story from the not-so-distant-future, it features former Top

Amazon Uses Nazi Symbolism on NYC Subway to Promote New Show

Amazon is pushing the boundaries of when it’s OK to spread Nazi propaganda in 2015. Previously, it had basically been never.  But over the past few days, New Yorkers have been greeted by Axis of Evil symbolism on the 42nd Street subway shuttle, including a Nazi iron cross within an American Flag