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Video: This is What Amazon’s Drone Deliveries Will Look Like

Amazon Prime Air, the drone delivery service you knew was possible but kind of doubted would come to fruition despite consistently promising developments, will probably actually take off very soon.

How do we know this? A commercial was made.

Introduced as a story from the not-so-distant-future, it features former Top Gear star and man with a British accent Jeremy Clarkson describing a situation where a young girl needs a new pair of football cleats for today’s big game ASAP.

That’s the sort of football you play with your feet, by the way, not handegg.

The solution, of course, is ordering from Amazon Prime, which her rational human being father does. With delivery in half an hour or less, Millie’s fresh pair of Puma evopower firm ground shoes will arrive well in time before kick-off.

By air, via drone.

The future is now(ish).


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