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The Amazon is on Fire: What’s Happening and How You Can Help

The Amazon is on fire.  Thousands of flaming infernos are currently blazing across the vast Amazon rainforest, including the ecosystems, fauna, and trees that it homes. “Since August 15, more than 9,500 new forest fires have started across Brazil, primarily in the Amazon basin.” Thus far in this year alone, scientists

Amazon Plans to Open Dozens of Grocery Stores in the Near Future

The Amazonification of earth is about to accelerate drastically as Jeff Bezo’s online pet project sets its crosshairs on the grocery business. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon plans to open dozens of its own grocery stores across the United States. It’s important to emphasize that these stores will

Jeff Bezos is Now the Richest Man in Modern History, Worth $150 Billion

Did everyone have a nice Prime Day? Well, Jeff Bezos sure did. Your retail therapy addiction on Monday lifted the Amazon founder to become the richest person in modern history. Bezos’ net worth exceeded $150 billion shortly before Prime Day started, propelled by the anticipation of another record-setting day of

Everything You Need to Know for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow, Monday, July 16th. While the company saw smashed records both nationally and globally last year, many Canadians are still wondering, still have no idea what it is. Here’s the 411: Prime Day is a 36-hour sale on for Canadian Prime Members. Not a Prime

Toronto is the Second Most-Likely City to Land Amazon’s Highly Coveted HQ2

Last time we reported on the bid to become the next home of Amazon, Vancouver was effectively out. That left only one Canadian still in the realistic running – Toronto. Now, Canada’s largest city is apparently a frontrunner to land the highly coveted HQ2, Amazon’s second headquarters. According to tourism