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Everything You Need to Know for Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is tomorrow, Monday, July 16th.

While the company saw smashed records both nationally and globally last year, many Canadians are still wondering, still have no idea what it is. Here’s the 411: Prime Day is a 36-hour sale on for Canadian Prime Members.

Not a Prime Member yet?

You can sign up for a 30-day trial today and access the great deals on Prime Day next Monday beginning at 3 PM EST. FYI: You can only do this trial once and if you cancel and want Prime again, you’ll have to sign up for a full membership.

So What Kind of Deals Can You Expect?
There are a few different deals that run through the day. It’s a great idea to do a bit of research on Amazon’s Deals page and scope out what you’re most interested in. It’s best to have a plan of attack as there are a few deal-types that you’ll want to take advantage of.

Prime Day Deals – Deals that run all day for the duration of the 36-hours. Brands do they’re best to monitor inventory and increase orders to ensure that they don’t run out of stock, though sometimes product do sell out.

Lightning Deals – Sales with special Prime Day pricing but they are very fast and offer a heavy discount. These appear throughout the day and are not always on sale for the 36-hours.

Upcoming Deals – Deals the site is teasing but haven’t been released for purchase. Keep checking back to ensure that you can add it to your cart when it becomes available.

And to get you inspired on how to save big, we’re highlighting a few Canadian companies that you’ll want to check out before Monday’s sale.

Blackstone Canadian Essential Oils and Nested Naturals both have Prime Day deals for those looking to de-stress and indulge in a little self-care.

With all the screen time we deal with between work, our phones and social, you have to check it Spektrum Eyewear to relieve eye strain in style.

If you have a baby on the way then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Little Bot’s Prime Day deals on chic, fun play mats that would be the perfect addition to any nursery.

The last thing to highlight is that if you’re in the market for an Amazon-owned device (Kindle, Fire TV, Alexa), your best bet is to review what you want leading up to Prime Day since the company tends to heavily discount their own products during the sale duration.

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Is It Worth It?
As a past Amazon-employee, I can attest to the sheer brilliance of Prime Day for customers and brands. If you are smart about saving and open to spending on the deal day then you can take advantage of potentially hundreds of dollars of savings on everything from a one-off item like Spektrum Eyewear to everyday items like vitamins from Nested Naturals. The savings are worth the hype and if you do your research and you’re ready to go at 3 PM EST, Monday’s Prime Day could prove very successful for you!

Alexandra Nikolajev

Lex Niko is a Toronto-based digital content creator and writer covering everything from celebrity news to the best beauty finds. You can find her at and @lexniko.