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Power Couple Jodi Blk and Jose Lopez #DareTO Inspire Each Other Everyday

In the spirit of #DareTO, we spoke with fashion and lifestyle blogger Jodi Blk, and her husband, fitness expert Jose Lopez. Together, this power couple merges their passion for fashion and fitness to fuel their businesses and each other. The first-ever BMW X2 is BMW’s most daring vehicle yet. To celebrate, BMW

The Other Reasons to Never Give Up Sports

As we start to pile on the responsibilities that come along with YP life, along with a bigger workload and greater family obligations, many of us tend to put our recreational activities lower and lower on the priority list. Here’s why you should make it a priority to stick with it and tell your boss and spouse sorry, but tonight’s game night

Working Your Core in Calgary

If you ask any fitness expert, they’ll likely tell you that the first thing to work on is your core. Your abdominal muscles provide strength for the rest of your body to keep balance, have more endurance and prevent injuries. Not to mention, everyone likes a six-pack