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6 Signs You’re Pretty Bad at Your Job

Is there any worse feeling than thinking you’re doing a horrible job at work? If you are a careerist, there isn’t. If you feel you’re not doing a good job at work, it’s important to uncover why that may be and take steps to fix the situation.

Being a terrible employee doesn’t mean that you’re a bad careerist, or that you’re unable to succeed professionally. Being a terrible employee has everything to do with context. You could have a personality that is a bad culture fit for the company you work for, or your disposition may not be a fit with your boss’. You could also be working in an entirely wrong industry for your skills and be none the wiser. Maybe you’re just in the wrong industry.

Here are 6 signs you’re pretty bad at your job

You’re literally never on time
Habitual tardiness is a tell-tale sign you don’t give any f*cks about how you’re perceived at work. When you dismiss important deadlines, arrive at meetings late or not at all, or show up at work whenever you feel like it, the message to your team and to your boss is that you don’t respect their time, their careers or the organization.

You do the absolute bare minimum and no more
You do just enough work to avoid being fired and that’s it. If your boss asks you to take some additional responsibility, you accept reluctantly by rolling your eyes. You’re not fooling anybody with this act, and you’re probably offending everybody you work with and gaining a reputation for poor work ethic in the process.

You don’t believe in your company’s mission
You can’t get behind your company’s goals and you think your CEO is making bizarre decisions. You may be right but, if you’re truly unimpressed with the direction of your company, then you should start looking for other work and stop wasting time simply collecting a pay cheque.

Your teammates don’t really like you
Do your colleagues prefer going for lunch without you? Are you getting the sense that nobody really loves having you around? That’s a problem. It may not be personal (they probably don’t hate your guts) but they probably feel that investing any time in a relationship with you is a waste of time.

You’re always looking for a way out
You count down the hours to coffee break, lunchtime, afternoon snack time and quitting time from the moment you step foot in the office. You don’t care enough about your responsibilities to push yourself even the slightest bit. You’re simply not committed.

You’re constantly saying ‘sorry’
If your daily conversations with your boss, colleagues, or clients starts to sound more like an apology factory than a productive exchange, then you’re probably blowing it at work.

If you recognize at least a few of these 6 signs that you’re not doing a good job at work, perhaps you should consider making these 4 key changes to your resume and learn how to quit your job and move forward.

Rebecca Perrin

Rebecca Perrin is Notable Life's Content Director and a writer who covers career, marketing, brand strategy and leadership. Rebecca's lifelong career goal is comprised of two equal goals: to never try to be normal and to always raise the profile of women in leadership.