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Ontario is About to Legalize Tailgating for Sports Events

Listen up, boozehounds, there’s good news a-brew’: The government of Ontario is about to legalize tailgating in parking lots ahead of sports events.

Tailgating, for the uninitiated, involves showing up to the game hella early to indulge in some bevvies and BBQs while bonding with fellow fans in the parking lot. Anyone who’s been to a Buffalo Bills game – or any sports spectactle South of the Border – will attest to how awesome it is.

But can we handle the responsibility!?

“This isn’t all of a sudden going to be the wild west,” said one Ontario government source. Ok, great, nothing to worry about.

The source went on: “You can do your BYOB tailgating, but obviously all the laws still apply. (The police) will still be checking for drinking and driving, they’re still going to be doing all the social responsible things. Adults know they can’t drink and drive. Adults know they shouldn’t consume too much. Some people could get carried away, but that’s going to happen whether you have tailgating or not. This is the just government treating adults like adults.”

The official “tailgating law” will come into effect when the province releases its budget this Thursday. More specifically, an amendment will be made to special occasion liquor permit regulation.

Now, how will all this go down? There’s not really any space to rage around Scotiabank Arena, where the Raptors and Leafs play. Parking around Rogers Centre, home of the Blue Jays, is also scarce. BMO Field has some pretty nice lots in the vicinity, and you never have to ask football fans – American or other – twice to hop on the sauce.

As for me, I look forward to having a cold one after co-ed soccer without having to look over my shoulder for the park police. That counts as tailgating, right?

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.