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#NotableYoungPros: Badass BOLO Founder Caleigh Rykiss

We all know that women are the queens of multi-tasking.

Fitness influencer and BOLO Inc. Founder Caleigh Rykiss took her talents of having multiple things on the go and turned it into a one-stop shop for your fitness, lifestyle, and self-improvement needs.

We sat down with Caleigh to learn more about BOLO as well as what inspired her to create this unique and inspiring business.

The best piece of advice that I have received is…

You always have options.

Someone I look up to is…

Serena Williams, she is the ultimate badass.

Favourite Instagram account to follow is…

@boloinc. It’s my life, my love, my passion.

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is…

Snuggle my dogs.

I couldn’t do what I do without…

My team. I have the most incredibly supportive, passionate, and hard-working team on earth.

Can you tell us more about BOLO Inc and what it is?

BOLO stands for Body Love. It is a hybrid space. It’s a gym, it’s a cafe, and it’s a salon all in one. It’s like a hustler’s paradise!

How did you get started in creating this space?

I got started based out of a personal need. I was a freelance writer who had a side hustle in fitness, and I was also in the influencer space. I needed a space to get my work done, get a sick workout, and focus on my wellness, and head off to my next destination feeling confident. I felt like that wasn’t anywhere to be found, so I did it myself.  

What type of Notable are you? Are you a creator, an entrepreneur, or a professional?

I feel like I am all three of those things. I am an entrepreneur, it’s a label that I resisted at first, but I have literally created a business which makes me an entrepreneur. I am a creator because, in caleighfit and BOLO, I am constantly creating content and putting out messages that I am passionate about. I am a young professional because I am young-ish, and I’m a professional. So I’m a young professional.  

Why do you love your job? What sort of cool things do you get to do?

I am obsessed with my job. The cool things I get to do are connect with people every single day. I connect with them over lifestyle, body image issues, social issues. BOLO is just a hub to connect. That’s probably the most exciting part of my job, is connecting with people and watching them connect with each other. It’s an explosion of community that is incredibly satisfying.   

What do you want to be known for?

I want to be known for pushing the limits of people’s imagination, creating new space for new industry, and supporting women and strength and honesty between us.

What does ambition mean to you?

Ambition means pushing past your limits, challenging yourself every day, always striving to be your best self.

Looking back, are there moments that clearly stand out in your life as defining moments that have led you to this point?

I feel like there is a defining moment when an idea becomes something you put into practice. I also think that’s what defines someone as an entrepreneur instead of someone with an idea. The defining moment was when I went from brainstorm to practical planning and talking about it and making it real. I held myself accountable by telling people, asking for support, and trying to round up excitement about this crazy concept.   

What would you consider your biggest accomplishment to date?

My proudest moment to date would be opening the doors to the big BOLO space, all three industries in one. We were in a pop-up before. Being in the big space, and creating the vision and making it come true, was an incredible moment for us.  

What is the worst mistake you ever made?

The worst mistake I ever made and the biggest lesson for me is always trusting your instincts. If your gut is telling you no, which it has before and I’ve ignored it, it’s the worst mistake.  

What is a moment where you knew BOLO had made it?

We won a Notable Award! It was a pretty exciting moment for us. We had been open for less than six months, and we were nominated with many other facilities that I respect so much. That was pretty cool!  

What are some pivotal mentorship moments for you?

Pattie Lovett-Reid, who I know from my days in television, she is an anchor on BNN, has been a huge champion supporter of me. She has been a great sounding board for me to chat to. She is obviously a financial specialist, so she has helped a lot in that department. Also, Christine Tessaro who is the owner of SPOKEHAÜS, is a young woman who has done something similar and has had my back and answered a lot of questions. Some might think that it is a competitive community, but she has shown that it’s not.     

What parts of your personality, skills, or approach have helped your career?

I come from a TV-background, I was at E-Talk for ten years. The skills that I developed as a TV producer creatively, my ability to communicate, my confidence in trusting my creative gut instinct has led me to where I am today. I would also say my ability to connect with people and seek out the curiosity in others has contributed to where I’m at with BOLO.   

What are your Notable Life goals?

I have so many! When I’m 90, I hope that I look back and think that I never gave up. In the tough moments, when things got hairy and complicated when things were unsuccessful or felt very difficult, that I kept pushing for what I believed in and for BOLO. I want to extend BOLO across Canada. Once the BOLO chapter is done, I want to continue the work that I am doing in all areas of my industry. Push the conversation forward, vouch for honesty and support other women and support the idea of self-love, body love, and strength.    

What’s the next challenge or project you’re tackling?

My next challenge for 2019 is upping the ante at BOLO in terms of making it more of a social club and event space. I am passionate about putting incredible experts in front of our community and making sure that we are giving people fuel for inside and out. It’s not just about fitness. I also want to throw some parties, we’re about to be licensed, so that’s really exciting.

Do you have any hidden talents or secret passions?

I used to be a singer. It’s a little-known fact about me. When I was fifteen and living in Winnipeg, I would fly to Toronto every month and record with some of the top names in the music industry.

What is something we don’t know about you?

I am actually a very sensitive person. I have a tough persona. I’m a boxer and a boss every day, but I’m a little bit co-dependent. I want everyone to like me, and I want everyone to leave with a smile on their face. Sometimes, that’s not possible, and it weighs pretty heavily on me.

Where can we learn more about you and connect with you?

If you want to learn more about me, you can go to @caleighfit. If you want to learn more about BOLO, please come visit us, we’re at @boloinc on Instagram and

Emily Rumball

Emily is a freelance writer, blogger, tea addict, and animal lover based out of Vancouver, BC. You can follow her at and @callherem.