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Love Season: Give Your Person What They Actually Want!

Tired of the usual flowers and chocolates? This year, ditch the generic and give your special someone a gift that speaks to their heart (and maybe their wish list)!

Tired of the usual flowers and chocolates? This year, ditch the generic and give your special someone a gift that speaks to their heart (and maybe their wish list)! We’ve compiled a curated selection of ideas beyond the ordinary, categorized for their unique interests:

The Self-Care Connoisseur:

  • Boy Smells Candles & Accessories: Light up their life (literally) with unique, seasonal scents and beautiful candle holders for an elevated ambiance.
  • Sleep Mask: Gift them the gift of a rejuvenating slumber with a luxurious sleep mask, ensuring complete darkness for optimal rest.
  • Skims: Elevate their loungewear game with the soft, sculpting comfort of Skims – perfect for cozy nights in or pampering self-care sessions.
  • Dyson Airwrap: Style and care for their hair simultaneously with this innovative multi-styler, creating salon-worthy blowouts and curls at home.
  • LED Beauty Mask: Upgrade their skincare routine with a cutting-edge LED mask, promoting collagen production and leaving their skin glowing.

The Fashionista & Trendsetter:

  • Mejuri Jewelry: A timeless bezel tennis necklace from these trendy brands adds a touch of sparkle and sophistication to any outfit.
  • Anything Rhode Skincare: Indulge their love for luxury skincare with Rhode’s coveted products, like their peptide lip tints, for a subtle pop of colour and hydration.
  • Designer Wallet/Weekender/Duffle Bag: Treat them to a functional yet stylish accessory from a coveted designer brand, elevating their everyday essentials.
  • Jordan Shoes: For the sneakerhead, a fresh pair of Jordans will have them feeling like they’re walking on air, both literally and figuratively.

The Sports Enthusiast:

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones & Playlist: Fuel their workouts with premium headphones that block out distractions and surprise them with a custom playlist tailored to their taste full of your favourite songs together or love-inspired nostalgia.
  • Bala Fitness Equipment: These chic ankle weights add a touch of fun and challenge to their workouts, perfect for home fitness enthusiasts.
  • Customized Golf Balls: Make their next round on the green even more personalized with golf balls featuring their name or initials.
  • Golf Clubs: Upgrade their game with the latest technology and performance-enhancing golf clubs they’ve been eyeing.
  • Sports Apparel: Gear them up in stylish and functional activewear from their favourite sports brand, ensuring peak performance and comfort.

The Experience Seeker:

  • Couples Cooking Class: Bond over culinary delights with a fun and informative couples cooking class, learning new skills and creating memories together.
  • Flowers & Handwritten Note: Don’t underestimate the classics! Surprise them with a beautiful bouquet from a local florist (think beyond roses!), accompanied by a heartfelt handwritten note expressing your love.
  • VR Headset: Open the door to new worlds and immersive experiences with a virtual reality headset, perfect for tech-savvy adventurers.

Remember, the most important ingredient is thoughtfulness! Consider their unique personality, hobbies, and interests to choose a gift that truly shows you care. Happy gifting!

Ashley Nedaei

Ashley is the Director of Marketing at Notable Life Inc. As an audacious and creative entrepreneurial spirit, she splits her time between raising her two sons with her husband and toy poodle and creative pursuits in music, beauty, and business. Follow her adventures @ndaiart.