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For Every Occasion, There’s Fable Dinnerware

It comes as no surprise that as we continue to spend more time at home, that our set-ups are getting a real big glow up. From upgrading our home technology, to introducing horticulture into our homes, we are investing in what makes ordinary moments, extraordinary. One such company that has harnessed this new wave of bringing a sense of excitement and joy to the everyday moments is Fable. Through their stunning sustainably sourced premium tableware, Fable shows the value moments of joy that are shared over food and good company.

When and how did the idea for Fable come about? 

It started with something that I was looking for as a gift for my mom a few Christmases ago. I wanted to find something that was modern but organically shaped. Something that had an artisan feel to it. After searching all over Vancouver, there really weren’t any options that checked all of my boxes. I ended up settling for a collection from a big box store. When I gave them to my mom for Christmas, the dinner plates didn’t even fit in her standard sized cupboards. I was shocked that with the price that I paid, they didn’t even fit on a standard shelf. It was at that point when I felt most inspired to create a better experience. Ultimately, we built Fable to solve the problems that we faced. We now have customers from all over North America, from all ages and at all stages of life. That being said, a large portion of our customers are in their 30s and 40s and have recently moved or renovated their kitchen. 

How would you describe Fable’s mission? 

At Fable, we aim to make it really easy to outfit your home. We are a direct-to-consumer dinnerware brand that focuses on quality craftsmanship and ethical business practices. Our motto is that life’s greatest moments are shared around the dinner table, so we aim to create unique high-quality products that make setting a beautiful table easy. Each piece is uniquely produced and shaped while still having a timeless look and feel. We want to make outfitting homes exciting, fun and easy! 

What differentiates you from other homeware brands on the market right now? Fable is all about transparency – from our business practices to the creation process down to our pricing model, we want to be as honest with our customers as much as possible. Fable avoids traditional retail markups while offering uniquely crafted pieces. We want to make outfitting your home a seamless process and provide our customers with options outside of the traditional tableware retailers. 

We pride ourselves on the customer’s journey and experience. We want to make the experience of upgrading your home so much more enjoyable than it has traditionally been conducted. By creating pieces that have a cohesive design, picking pieces that will look amazing in your home is easy. All of our products also have a creation story. This story is something we love to highlight and share because we hope these stories are shared around the dinner table as well.

From idea to creation, what did the process of building Fable look like?

Our team comes from very different backgrounds compared to many direct-to-consumer brands. Max, Tina and I all met through a tech company in Vancouver, Bench Accounting. Prior to building Fable, I was leading an operations team for a real-estate marketing tech company. Max was the Director of Strategy at Unbounce, a marketing landing page company. And Tina was a web developer. Oddly enough, we were all drawn towards home decor and the direct-to-consumer space, but our roots and experience from the tech industry have always led us to work more like a tech company. 

We come together as a team and share ideas on new product lines, product trends, but most importantly, we draw inspiration from our experiences. Once we have an idea of what the product should look and feel like, we search for the right partners who can create what we envisioned. All of our products are designed in Vancouver and hand-finished by a team of talented artisans in Portugal – which was a natural choice since the country is rooted in the tradition of ceramics. It’s a collaborative process between our team here in Canada and our team in Portugal. Learning about the creative process and the ins and outs of our dinnerware has been really fascinating and we have had to adjust the product to what is possible within limitations. 

What has it been like managing a fairly new business during the pandemic? We formally launched in November 2019 and have seen overwhelming and humbling success since we began. Within two days, we sold out of all the brand’s inventory and have been so thrilled with the overall response we’ve received to-date. With that being said, we didn’t expect Fable to grow so quickly and organically. This resulted in us not creating enough products early on and I’m sure leaving some customers disappointed to have to wait. There are always daily challenges when you are growing, migrating tools, finding more talent, creating more photos – especially during a pandemic – but overall it has been a fun journey that I wouldn’t change. 

How do you ensure all of your products are sustainably made? 

When we launched Fable, we knew that this would be a top priority for us. For this reason, it was important that we be transparent – from our business practices to the creation process down to our pricing model. We want to be as honest with our customers as much as possible. 

In Portugal, our materials are made from locally sourced recycled ceramics and clay and our flatware is made with 18/10 stainless steel which is locally sourced and 3.5mm thick giving it a dense and perfectly weighted feel. After processing, instead of flushing saturated water down the drain, it’s recycled on-site, creating zero water waste at the facility. Similarly, when our ceramics are made all of the unused clay shavings are recycled, the water used is recycled and once over mineralized – it is then donated to local farmers and acts as a great natural

fertilizer. With the pandemic, it has made the sourcing aspect more tricky, but normally we visit our crafters onsite, see their process and discuss their action towards sustainability right away. 

Why is sustainability important to you? 

Sustainability and ethical product creation have always been important to us as a team. We’re mission-driven at every aspect of the company and we believe that sustainable and ethical practices should be considered table-stakes. From who we partner with to the creation of our products and how we work as a team, making a positive impact on the world and people’s lives is our ultimate objective. It has always been important to us that we create a company that not only makes beautiful products that bring joy to people’s lives, but also products that don’t cause further harm to the world. 

Can you speak a bit to the charitable initiatives within Fable (Mealshare)? Since Fable’s inception in 2019, we have partnered with Mealshare, a local organization making it their mission to fight youth hunger through partnerships with restaurants and companies in the food sector. With every bundle purchased from Fable, a meal is directly donated to a family in need. Thanks to Mealshare in 2020, Fable has been able to provide a nutritious meal to over 20,000 families and we’re excited to continue our relationship with the team. 

What are you most excited about for 2021 and beyond? 

Without giving too much away, we are looking at ways we can expand Fable beyond tableware and really tap into different moments spent in the home. Think game-night, brunch, cocktail hour and picnics – those quality moments spent together over food and drink. 2021 will be a big year for us so our customers can look forward to some very exciting launches. We cannot wait to share what Fable has coming down the pipeline.

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