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How To File Your Taxes Online In As Little As 30 Minutes

Tax season is officially upon us. But before you start freaking out because you don’t have a clue what a T4 or T4RSP is, take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. We get it – filing your taxes can seem like an overwhelming process. You’re busy, it’s complicated,

This $20 Innovation is the Solution to Your Macbook’s Greatest Flaw

For all the great things Apple has designed, its Macbook charger is not one of them. In fact, we’d go so far as to say they’re pretty damn terrible. Protruding almost four inches, they’re like the unavoidable zits on an otherwise fresh faced wall. They’re unsightly at best, and the reason your

Toronto Tech CEO Points Out Sexism of Emojis

Many of our favourite emojis are technically supposed to be gender neutral. So why is it that the police officer or construction worker only represent men, and the haircut, dancer and wedding emojis only represent women? But luckily for those females who are construction workers or police officers, this will