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Why You Should Quickly Stop Consuming So Much Media

We are more than fortunate to live at a time when we have the world at our finger tips. We hear that a lot lately ’cause having access to the world’s information can be infinitely beneficial. But at the same time, it can be infinitely detrimental. Take the US-Russia scandal,

How Learning Python is Helping Girls Shape the Digital World

Ladies Learning Code’s Teen Club holds multiple events every month to teach 13 to 17 year old girls new and longstanding programming practices. The workshops are free and laptops are provided to those who can’t bring one for themselves. Last Saturday the group met to learn Python. Python is the

Maybe It’s Time to Delete Facebook?

Mashable is calling right now high-time to remove Facebook from our lives, and for a few great reasons but most importantly, because it’s bad for us. Here’s what we’re hearing: Who of us hasn’t at least once threatened to delete our account? The impulse is nearly universal, although the reasons

4 Fruitful Apps To Boost Your Productivity Right Away

Technology surrounds much of our lives. It distracts us from the real world, helps us feel more connected with it, and in some cases keeps us from doing what we need to do. In a world where virtually everyone has a computer in their pocket it’s easy to pull it