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So You’ve Decided to Start a Podcast, Now What?

With listenership continuing to rise every year, podcasting has become a hobby, money-maker, relationship builder, or creative outlet for many. If you’re new to the audio industry you may be bright-eyed and excited with your idea for the next ranking podcast, but… what comes after the idea?  We’ve heard time

An Inside Look at Everything #New at Twitter

Twitter is a “water cooler, comedy club, and sports bar” all in one, said Twitter Canada’s managing director Paul Burns during Thursday’s virtual Twitter Canada Q2 Press Preview. At a time when Canadians collectively miss and crave the sense of community offered by all three things, Twitter remains as relevant

How I Create A Portable Editing Room with This New Tech from Samsung

No one ends up a freelance videographer by accident. Anyone in the game will tell you it takes hard work, but it also takes a little ingenuity. Making a living as a pro behind the camera is 10 percent capturing content, 40 percent spending time in the editing room and

They Heard Our Plea: Snapchat Ups Their Game With Two New Features

A couple weeks ago we wrote an article begging Snapchat to innovate a little more just to stay in-line with the growing community of competition. Well according to TechCrunch it looks like they are taking the hints from, well, everyone and they’ve announced some pretty cool updates for the app. Remember how Vine, before it

Nike Turned Queen West Into a Fashion Forward HypeBae Dream

Founded in making the invisible visible, rooted in air, inspired by sport and shared by modern, confident, creative women. If you’ve taken in anything fashion-wise this last year, it should be that Toronto and Nike have proven to be a match made in sneaker heaven. From opening the Jordan Store to