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Urban Farm the Size of Three Football Fields Set to Open on Paris Rooftop

It’s not just people moving to cities. Agriculture is also getting in on the action. Urban farming is not particularly novel, but the scale of projects committed to sprouting food in concrete jungles is certainly ramping up. Case in point: a 14,000-square-metre (150695 square feet) rooftop farm set to open

Hey, Boozehounds: Dubai Approves 30-Day Liquor Visas for Tourists

Dubai is known to have some of the strictest alcohol regulations in the world. Under current laws, alcohol may only be served in private, licensed venues such as hotels, restaurants, and clubs. The laws apply to both locals and visitors. If hot rumours are to be believed, all this could change

Bumped Air Travel Passengers Can Soon Be Compensated Up to $2,400

Anyone who’s been bumped from a flight will likely recall a short-term nightmare that followed. The good news that starting this summer you could at least be paid for your nightmare. Beginning on July 15th, airlines will be required to compensate passengers up to $2,400 if they are bumped for reasons

These Are the Best Airports in the World to Have a Layover

Flying is objectively a decent-at-best experience. It is worsened, of course, by the prospect of a layover – a.ka. flying twice.  Now, it must be said that not all layovers are created equal. Some can even be quite alright. As recently discovered after surveying travellers who’ve had a layover between international flights