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Mask off on board? Prepare for a swift eject and ban from WestJet flights

WestJet is taking penalties for non-maskers up a notch. Effective immediately, passengers on WestJet flights who consistently refuse to wear a mask will be removed from board. In addition, they could be placed on a year-long no-fly list. “If the plane has not left the … [ground] and somebody refused

American traveller thinks seeing Alberta is worth a $750k fine

Thinking about breaking quarantine? Be prepared to pay the price of a house if you’re caught. Canada has some of the world’s strict penalties for those defying mandatory quarantine. According to the Quarantine Act, anyone who fails to comply with the country’s 14-day self-isolation measures after arriving from abroad is

Canada-U.S. border will remain closed to leisure travel until August 21

Canada continues to keep a grip on new coronavirus cases, though the situation South of the Border is worse than ever. It should come as no surprise, then, that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suggested yesterday an extension of the partial Canada-U.S. border closure. That means all non-essential travel will remain

Avoid these things if you want to travel well this year

As it does every year, Airbnb is starting to compile travel trends. Trends mean followers, which essentially mean people, which most travellers probably want less of on their holiday. Which makes Airbnb’s travel trends a perfect forecast of what to avoid in 2020. Unless, of course, you truly enjoy doing