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End of an era: Le Chateau is bankrupt and will close all stores

Le Chateau, for 60 years a staple at malls and of our adolescence, will close all of its 123 stores. Dwindling in popularity for some time, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was the death knell for the Montreal-founded fashion retailer. “Its already evident impact on consumer demand for Le Chateau’s holiday

The future of Canadian cafe culture is… robots?

Tired of getting your coffee from humans? Well, the automation of cafe culture is here. RC Coffee, a company based in Mississauga, has introduced Canada’s first robotic barista. It promises “premium specialty coffees with unparalleled precision by performing all the functions of a human barista.” Cool, but also kind of

Are these $270 bubble helmets the future of life under and after Covid?

Remember at the beginning of the pandemic when people were throwing together makeshift masks with, like, socks? Well, human innovation knows no bounds. Now that we’re half a year into life under Covid, and with no guarantee of normalcy in the near future, society is stepping up its mask game.

This Canadian whisky from Calgary just won ‘World Whisky of the Year’

Canada is home to the world’s best whisky. Not any and all whisky, of course, but Calgary’s own Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye. This is according to whisky aficionado Jim Murray, who publishes the annual ‘World Whisky of the Year’ ranking. There’s a reason this year’s winner is called “Cask

Here’s what mobile data costs around the world (Canada did not rank well)

Were Maslow to have constructed his hierarchy of needs in 2020, the pyramid would probably include a level for mobile data. Indeed, access to Internet, particularly on-the-go, is a borderline human right. It’s important, then, that people have affordable access to mobile data. And some countries obviously fare better in