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7 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts for Cool Moms

Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to express gratitude for the remarkable women who juggle work and family with unwavering strength and dedication. Working moms wear many hats, seamlessly transitioning between career professionals and loving caregivers. This special day is an opportunity to celebrate their devotion and affection, showing them how much they are valued. We’ve compiled a list of carefully selected gift ideas to indulge, motivate, and support the hardworking moms in our lives.

Share a Stellar Experience with Dad This Fathers Day

Maybe it’s the last two years of a global pandemic, but showing our gratitude for the ones that we love is more important than ever. Now, there is nothing wrong with a traditional “You’re the BEST” card or #1 DAD mug, but if you’re looking to take your fathers day

IKEA just doubled its buy-back offer for your used furniture

IKEA will buy back used furniture in order to meet its goal of becoming “a fully circular and climate positive business by 2030.” Started in October, the initiative is available to customers in 27 countries, including Canada. Ikea will pay up to half of the original price of an item

Four Seasons Total Landscaping releases swag and Zoom background

Four Seasons Total Landscaping is the hottest enterprise in America. And possibly the world. It’s been more than a week since Donald Trump’s campaign brought the modest Philadelphia business to the world’s attention. In case you’re still in the dark: The details are so absurd that even a deadpan report