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Category: Industry

Kraft Changed the Ingredients in KD Months Ago and Nobody Noticed

Kraft completed the largest blind taste test in history over the past few months after removing all artificial ingredients from their signature KD in the United States and not telling anyone about it. So for all those people outraged by a petition last year that called for the company to remove

Airlines Are Starting to Introduce “Last Class,” a Seat Worse Than Economy

There’s only one race to the bottom that’s worse than literally barrelling earthbound in a plane crash – and that’s the continued pillaging of our comfort by airline companies. Sorry for the grim metaphor, it’s just that this kind of news gets us (almost violently) irritated. The latest service to be

LinkedIn CEO Gives His Entire $19 Million Stock Bonus to Employees

It’s never reassuring to watch the stock of the company that employs you plummet. In reaction to rapidly falling stock prices, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner has given his entire $19 million CDN annual stock bonus to his employees, who have been hit hard by the drop. Whether out of the goodness

Ranking: The Most Highly Engaged and Satisfied Workers By Country

Imagine being disengaged and unsatisfied doing something that consumes over 20 per cent of our waking hours over the course of a lifetime. That is a reality for 87 per cent of people. A recent survey of workers in 17 of the world’s most important economies analyzing employee engagement and satisfaction found that only