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Politicians declare the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny “Essential Workers”

There are about a million debates raging right now about how to handle the coronavirus. Is widespread lockdown the right call or should we consider a herd immunity approach? Can coffee filters be appropriated as surgical masks? (No.) What should be considered “essential” work? When it comes to the latter,

Canada’s food industry needs us and the government more than ever

Many experts say it will take months and perhaps even years to understand the full impact of COVID-19. Well, early numbers are in – and they’re not good. Especially for the food industry. Restaurants Canada, a not-for-profit association representing the country’s foodservice industry, has published a survey that paints a

Ontario to reduce the price of hydro as residents work from home

COVID-19 is affecting almost every manner in which we live our lives. The most profound, perhaps, is in our relationship to work. For many Canadians, that means working from home. That also means more electricity consumption. Sure, a laptop and second monitor won’t make all that much of a difference,

How far down can the coronavirus drag the global economy?

It’s been just over two months since symptoms of the deadly coronavirus were first reported in Wuhan, China. Yesterday, the death toll exceeded 1,000. Two-thirds of international flights from China have been cancelled. Chinese citizens are experiencing a wave of racism, just as they did during the SARS outbreak. Chinese

Europe demands one charger for all smartphones ASAP

The European Parliament wants tech companies to issue a universal charger for products like smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. URGENTLY. Like, hella quick. Why? The environment, duh. Europeans generate almost 17 kilograms of e-waste per inhabitant. While individual chargers probably aren’t responsible for a difference-making amount of that, getting tech companies on