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#CareerGoals: Founder and CEO of The Concierge Club, Monica Gomez

With an extensive client roster and a kick-ass creative visionary team behind her, Founder/CEO and boss lady, Monica Gomez is leading the Toronto-based experiential marketing company, The Concierge Club to new heights. One of the most infamous events? Justin Bieber’s party.

What is The Concierge Club?

The Concierge Club is a national experiential marketing, events and staffing company.

What does a day in your life look like as the Founder and CEO?

I am really hands on with my business so although I founded the company, I am still in the office every single day. I am involved in all of the ideation, client pitches and various day to day things. I also consider myself someone who motivates my team. I like to lead by example.

How did you get into this career?

I started in events about 14 years ago. I am from Vancouver originally and was on the planning side. When I made the move to Toronto, I decided I was going to start up a staffing agency. After a couple of years when the business was running really well, we decided to expand to corporate events and experiential marketing.

What makes your job #CareerGoals?

I love what I do because I’m always working on something new. It’s never the same, every day is something different. I also love it because of the people I get to work with. Some of our clients include Cadillac Fairview, Hewlett Packard and Sephora. We are working with the best brands and working on exciting events that we get to travel for.

How does this career feed into your overall life goals?

I think it’s the flexibility of it. I have two kids, so I have the flexibility to come and go as I please which is something that I have always wanted.  I have never wanted to work for somebody which led me to start up my own business and now, I am basically living and doing exactly what I love to do every single day.


How would someone get into the event space?

People ask me that all the time, I actually didn’t go to college or university for it – I dove right in! I am the kind of person that leads by doing things hands-on, not necessarily going to school and learning it through a traditional system. When I was in Vancouver, I started a company with my sister and here in Toronto, I just began networking. It’s about constantly networking and meeting the right people.

What type of person is suited for what you do?

You have to be someone who is very outgoing and also determined.

Can you share three tips for being successful in your career?

  1. 1. Work very hard.
  2. 2. Never take no for an answer.
  3. 3. Love what you do every day.

What’s a secret about your job?

We have wine on Wednesdays!

Anything exciting coming up?

We are going to be launching the Spring Flower Market in 19 Cadillac Fairview malls.

You can connect with Monica by visiting The Concierge Club website. For premium event content follow along on instagram.

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