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How To Plan a Destination Wedding in 7 Stress-Free Steps

What happens when a travel-obsessed girl meets an Italian guy and they decide to make it official? Well, my partner and I are planning a destination wedding celebration in Italy. Not because we want to be fancy, but because half the guest list is already there. There’s my Mario, who

Rome: A Four Day Tour of the Eternal City

Spring doesn’t seem to want to completely, well, spring here. So we’re suggesting you pick up and head across the pond for a long weekend in one of the world’s best cities. After the winter we’ve had, you deserve it

Notable Destination: How to Spend Three Days in Prague

The first feeling, upon arriving in the centre of Prague, is wonderment. We’re serious when we say this just might be the most beautiful city in Europe. So, using our insider intel, here’s how we’d suggest you spend three days in the Czech capital

7 Sanity Saving Yoga Moves for the Holiday Season

We’re in the middle of the busiest month of the year – also known as the December 10 (a close cousin of the Freshman 15). Parties, platters, drinks, and endless shopping sprees can quickly result in stress, weight gain, and a general feeling of ‘ugh’. Well, we’re here to help fix all that with a few simple moves

Notable Destination: Two Day Vespa Tour of Elba, Italy

Elba was a real surprise. The idea to trip over to the island washed over me when visiting my partner’s hometown of Piombino for the first time in 2013. Standing in Piazza Bovio, I said “what’s that?” as I pointed across the sea to the distant land covered in mist. So he made a promise we’d go next time we were in Tuscany, and I made a plan for a two-day tour