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15 of the Best Montreal Bars to Catch the Habs in Playoff Action

It’s game day, Montreal, and we could not be more excited. You can definitely feel the anticipation clouding the air as the Habs are about to skate into the post-season. Here are 15 awesome Montreal spots to catch the Habs in playoff action

It’s game day, Montreal, and we could not be more excited.

You can definitely feel the anticipation clouding the air as the Habs are about to skate into the post-season.

Can our beloved Canadiens make it deep into the playoffs?
Will Price be in top shape?
Do the Habs have what it takes to get the puck to the net?

Here are 15 awesome Montreal spots to catch the Habs in playoff action – and find out if Nos Glorieux can win it all.

You really can’t go wrong at m:brgr. This place takes the cake when it comes to service and awesome staff. But we also hear that their burgers aren’t too shabby… from the Canadiens themselves. Yes, they are regulars here. With enough televisions to satisfy even the pickiest fan and a notable ambience, especially when you sit at the bar, you’re bound to make this place your Habs playoff staple.

From the fellas over at Apt. 200 and General Sherman comes this huge pool hall and gourmet fast food hot spot on Mont Royal East. But this isn’t your regular pool hall. Think an innovated Melbourne beer garden with a touch of 90s class – Fitzroy is a must on your list of places to watch the Habs kick butt this playoff season. Grab all your favorite friends and hit up their game nights; the ambiance is nothing you’ve seen on that side of Mont Royal. They even have a private room where you can catch the game, you know, in case you’re part of that rowdy bunch.

Grumman 78
St. Henri’s never been more popular these days with bars, restaurants, and Cafes opening left, right, and centre. But none of them have anything on Grumman 78 when it comes to a great hockey viewing experience. Grumman’s rustic but charming garage setting has plenty of seats to accommodate a few friends… or a bus load, if need be. View the big games on their huge projection screen, sit back, and enjoy their Mexican fusion menu (the Bahn Mi tacos are killer).

Monsieur Smith
HoMa’s little gem is one of the best places to catch the Habs. The bar’s huge screen can be seen at all angles so you will never have to worry about missing that all important playoff action. Really great pub fair and cheap pints make for a perfect hockey night with your amigos. Did we mention they have a terrasse at the back? Grab an outdoor table and enjoy the Habs’ deep playoff run.

Ping Pong Club
Out goes Royal Phoenix Bar, in bounces the Ping Pong Club. This new concept hits the scene where Royal Phoenix left off, except you can enjoy the game playing table tennis. What other Montreal bar offers that? None. Boozy milkshakes and smoothies fill the drink list with a mini snack bar menu to complement. What caught our foodie eye? The “hot chicken” poutine, mac & cheese balls, and the alphabet soup with house-made cheddar crackers. Did someone say #nomnom?

Chez Serge
We have all had our share of crazy nights at this hopping Mile End bar. Packed with rabid hockey fans craving that next Habs win, Chez Serge can get a little rowdy – in a good way. Make it a point to ride their infamous mechanical bull with drink in hand. Yes, they have one of those and people take it seriously. So grab a seat at the bar, watch a Coyote Ugly scene go down, and cheers to Les Habitant.

Sieur d’Iberville
Plateau’s reigning go-to hockey spot sure loves the game. There’s no bad seat in this place, so don’t worry about finding that perfect table. The menu boasts a great list of bar snacks and game night specials. Want to enjoy the best experience? Sit at their long bar and mingle with other Habs fans.

L’Entrepot Mont-Royal
If having televisions at every turn doesn’t make you want to watch Habs playoff games here, then their generous $5 menu will. With virtually everything on the menu being five bucks a pop, you have no excuse not to indulge on game day. With its après-ski feel and electrifying ambiance on hockey nights, this is an ideal place to grab some good food, knock back some pints, and watch your favourite team kick le butt.

It doesn’t surprise us whenever we head out to Icehouse and find a line-up straight out the door – and that’s just on a regular night. With dishes like their flavour-packed shrimp tacos, succulent lobster burritos, crispy crab cakes, and spicy jalapeno poppers, this makes for the perfect greasy game night grub that won’t disappoint. Don’t forget to order a pitcher of their famous Bourbon Lemonade. You’ll thank us later.

Bishop & Bagg
Don’t be fooled by the Bishop’s English pub setting – this neighbourhood favourite (from the boys at Brit & Chip, Burgundy Lion and Newland & Jump) has everything you need for a good night with the Habs; not to mention, a mouthwatering food and beer menu to boot.

Crescent Street’s legendary Thursdays Bar is back and stronger than ever, and what better way to get everyone back on the bandwagon than to host the hottest and most electrifying hockey playoff night downtown Montreal’s ever seen (outside the Bell Center of course)? Did someone say terrasse and playoff hockey?

La Belle et La Beouf
You can’t go wrong with La Belle. This sports bar has everything you need for a successful hockey party: Delicious mile-high burgers and fries, a satisfying list of sports bar snacks, and savoury mason jar cocktails. Do yourself and your friends a favour and head here for an unforgettable hockey playoff experience filled with lots of cheers to go with those beers. 

Rosewood is bringing the hockey party right into Old Montreal and we hear it will be a doozy. So if you want delicious sports snacks, rock music, and a super cozy vibe laced with a little craziness, this is the place catch your Habs score their way to the top.

Midway Tavern
Lower St. Laurent Boulevard’s newest spot is a welcoming touch to the area. The tavern and cocktail bar is offering up some awesome playoff hockey deals, so it’s definitely going to be a party. Plenty of TVs are at every turn, so don’t worry about missing a beat.

Miss Villeray
Come playoff hockey, Miss Villeray is one hopping neighbourhood bar. The place packs up really quick, so we suggest heading there early to grab a seat. Look for some great game day deals on pints and food. This may be a long playoff hockey streak, so let’s pace ourselves – or not.


Cover image from: Monsieur Smith

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