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13 Classic Montreal Poutines You Need To Indulge In Right Now

Cheesesteak is to Philly as Poutine is to Montreal - it’s engraved into each and every Montrealers DNA and with the plethora of cheesy fry spots around town, here are 13 of our favourties you need to try now.

Cheesesteak is to Philly as Poutine is to Montreal – it’s engraved into each and every Montrealers’ DNA.

We adore those damn-good cheesy fries and gravy and sometimes we just crave a good ol’ fashion classic poutine with no fuss – minus the mountain of fixings.

Montreal has but a million poutineries but not all of them nail it. With the weather in a chilly stand still, it feels like it’s always a good idea to get a big bowl of sizzling crispy fries and squeaky cheese curds drowning in steaming hot brown gravy – because that’s what we call the ultimate winter’s comfort food.

Here are 13 Classic Montreal Poutines you need to indulge in right now.


Paul Patates

For decades, Paul Patates has been serving up original poutine perfection in the quaint working-class quartier of Pointe Saint-Charles. One thing Paul does right is their righteous old fashion original poutines. Golden fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds…that’s all we need. In this case, simplicity is key.

Chez Claudette

Chez Claudette is your typical Quebecois greasy spoon. The restaurant’s menu is filled with traditional junk food like hot dogs, hamburgers and yes, their beloved classic poutine. What makes Chez Claudette stand out from other greasy spoons is that their brown gravy sauce is to-die-for. Seriously, you might just die.

Montreal Pool Room

Montreal Pool Room has been gracing us with its “steamies” and poutines for over a century now. Imagine over 100 years of foodgasms. Their classic poutine is definitely one for the books melting our cheesy heartstring one plate at a time.

Decarie Hot Dog

Decarie Hot Dog has been the staple food supplier for hungry college students in Ville St. Laurent for decades now. Opened in 1969, this joint has established a huge following that has garnered it a true Montreal institution. Their brown gravy is what keeps us going back. It has a hint of garlic with a shot of heat that goes perfectly with the crispy brown fries.


Crowned the 2014 winner of La Poutine Week is absolutely no surprise for all Mange-Moi fans. This corner street poutinerie has been winning since its debut in the Plateau. The menu boasts over a dozen types of poutines but it’s the classic one that is truly noteworthy.  

Frite Alors!

Frite Alors does not disappoint when it comes to satisfying your poutine tooth. The poutines here are most delicious. Our favorite part is that they serve Belgium fries, which are thicker and fried twice.

Patati Patata

Long line ups and limited seating will never stop us from checking into our go-to Plateau poutine fix. The place gives off a brilliant aroma that pulls us in every time and never fails.

Orange Julep

The big ol’ Orange Julep isn’t only famous for their frothy OJ. That’s right another staple? Their heavenly poutine.

Paulo et Suzanne

Hidden in suburban Cartierville, Paulo et Suzanne has been a staple late night poutine hub for years now. Opened 24 hours a day, the deli never stops serving up poutine after poutine for its loyal customer base.

La Ligne Rouge

La Petite-Patrie has a little hidden poutine gem that you will never guess existed. La Ligne Rouge is your typical gyro and souvlaki spot that delivers one of the top classic poutines in Montreal. The actual restaurant is not much of a looker but maybe you shouldn’t question your life choices too much as the midnight gravy hits your gut (and thighs).

Casse-Croute Normand

Verdun’s Casse Croute Normand is still knocking back poutines like its 1964. This poutine-hidden gem has been a staple in the area with a solid following. This doesn’t surprise us because as soon as we sunk our teeth into those crispy fries and gravy, they won us over too.

La Banquise

Le Plateaus poutine mecca is the undeniable after hours go-to place. La Banquise offers up dozens variations of their signature poutines that are not only original, but also mouth-watering good.

Restaurant A.A.

A.A. has been satisfying hungry bellies for decades now in the St. Henri neighborhood. What makes their authentic classic poutine so darn good is their twice-fried fries and 7-hour slow-cooked brown gravy. The passion and commitment Andre puts into his kitchen is remarkable – and it shows in every bite.

Pat Campione