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YP Post Work Hotspot: Pinq Taco

Pinq Taco on the Saint Laurent strip is known for its 5 a 7 happy hour vibe, sociable staff, excellent music selection and drink specials. We finally had a chance to check out the post-work scene recently and will definitely be returning again soon

We stepped out onto Montreal’s trendy Saint Laurent strip in search of a notable Thursday night happy hour. We discovered Pinq Taco’s popular Thursday cinq a sept, and all we can say is: Friday mornings beware.

With the scent of premium tequila hanging in the air, plush pink furniture lining the textured metallic walls, and edgy house music raining down from the DJ booth, Pinq Taco feels less like your typical happy hour bar and much more like an impromptu after-work party. Don’t let the idea of a cinq a sept fool you; the sun may still be out and you may still be in your office gear, but come 7pm you will likely find yourself downing shots of Patron Coffee with the friendly serving staff, unfazed by the idea of work in the morning. That’s what makes Pinq Taco stand out amongst the numerous bustling and showy bars on the Saint Laurent strip: no gimmicks, just a good time. You may think it’s the tequila talking, (after all, Pinq Taco does offer one of the widest selections of tequila in Quebec), but it is the combination of incredibly doting staff, superb tunes, and an exuberant young professional crowd that has us falling in amore with this notable hotspot.

Pinq Taco offers a cozy setting with bright window seats upfront and a comfy, intimate area in the back (available for private groups). We suggest making a reservation with friends and colleagues at one of Pinq Taco’s 9-seater booths. Sample the nachos and beef tartare while partaking in their 5-7 special: free drinks for ladies, and five shots of Cazadores tequila for ten dollars. When the sun finally sets, and the music prompts you to start moving, emerge from your plush seating and make your way to the bright glass bar. Share an Avion tequila and Clamato chaser with the generous bartenders and feel free to hop up on the bar if the spirit moves you.

If your workweek leaves you dying for the weekend by Thursday, Pinq Taco is made for you. As a haven for young professionals who need to blow off a little steam, amongst smiling faces and genuine handshakes, Pinq Taco is a refreshingly friendly stop on Montreal’s trendiest street.

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