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You Can Rent This Entire Island Paradise for $60,000 a Week

Imagine having the very best of every vacation you’ve ever experienced and rolling it into one – that’s what you’ll find on the Philippine island of Ariara.

For British couple Charlie and Carrie McCulloch, being able to rent your own private villa simply wasn’t enough. What they sought was an entire slice of paradise.

Four years ago, they found that paradise. While it serves as their own personal vacation destination, they also saw it as a business venture. Which is where you benefit.

For $42,000 to $85,000 a week, you can rent the luxurious island as a getaway for you and your friends. It comes complete with a central lodge to convene, multiple gardens, a breathtaking dining room, beach cottages, jungle villas, and the most stunning scenery you could imagine.

A stay on the island also comes complete with food and staffing.

There’s also a general policy that “anything is possible.” With enough heads up, any and all supplies of your heart’s content can be shipped from Manila. You’re also invited to make as much noise as you want.

Something to consider for your next birthday party perhaps. Just don’t forget to invite us.


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