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You Can Now Own a Retro Montreal Metro Car for Just $750

The iconic Montreal metro, which once brought us one of the finest ad campaigns in television history (below), might just be the largest souvenir you’ll ever keep – and it definitely won’t fit in a shoebox under the bed.

Standing at over 17 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, you’ll need a fair bit of space to house this piece of Montreal history. But you have to admit, owning a 50-year-old piece of the city’s heritage would be pretty cool.

With the introduction of the new AZUR metro cars in Montreal, STM will gradually be fazing out their retro blue MR-63 trains. As such, they’re offering the public an opportunity to give them a second life.

Perhaps they could be reincarnated into a garden shed to keep your tools in. Or maybe this could be a fantastic new food truck to serve artisan burritos from? Airbnb hosts have certainly offered up stranger places for travellers to rest their weary heads for the night.

Any individual or organization who wants to develop an innovative project can apply for the opportunity to snag one of these cool metro cars, and collaborative work involving different groups is also permissible.

The proposal must comply with the evaluation criteria, and prospective bidders should submit an online proposal that includes a detailed presentation of their plans for the project.

Trailer cars cost $750, while motor cars will go for $1000. Unfortunately, the irony of ironies, if you manage to bag a metro car, it’ll be up to you to get it home yourself. The STM webpage advises that transportation costs are estimated at $4000 or more.

And with trailers weighing in at just under 12 tonnes, now is not the time to flex your guns and offer to carry it home.

The deadline for receiving proposals is June 1, 2016 at 5pm (local time), so if you want to place a bid on one of these retro transportation machines, make sure you get your submission in online. The timeframe for delivery is directly related to the delivery of the new AZUR cars, so the more you start to see in circulation, the closer successful candidates will be to getting their hands on them.


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