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WWE Superstar Lacey Evans Wants the World to Know That Canada is Terrible

Lacey Evans, a WWE superstar according to her Twitter name, wants the world to know that Canada is terrible.

The false claim was made during a tantrum directed at an Edmonton police officer who was issuing her a speeding ticket over the weekend.

The officer, identified as G.M. Brettell, remained impossibly chill during the exchange and had to fight back laughter in the face of Evans’ behaviour.

It all started when Evans asked the officer if he knew who she was. As if she were Bianca Andreescu or something. When he understandably said no, she called him a “nasty thing” and wished the man a terrible day. She then said that Canada is terrible and that she couldn’t wait to “get back,” presumably to the United States.

The officer departed the scene with a smile and a “welcome to Edmonton,” prompting Evans to reply with the kind of “ugh” you might utter when Uber’s in surge price mode.

Check it out:

Anyway, this is probably all for publicity, so good job, I guess?

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.