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Work Hard. Play Hard. Rest Hard: 10 Ways to Maximize Your Downtime

We know you’re the type of go-getter who hustles in both work and in life. Downtime is often squeezed in at the last minute, or if you’re really diligent, carved out on your google calendar. 

There is no question that to be able to function at our fullest capacity we need to give ourselves the opportunity to rest. So yes, just like our overused phones, we too will come back to life if we take the time to shut down and recharge. 

But if you’re like many other driven millennials, your question is usually “Okay, but how do I hack that?” Check out these products, services, and resources for getting maximum recharge with minimum output. 

24 hours of ice cold hydration and reminders that sync up to your apple watch, fitbit or phone? Sign us up! The Hidrate Spark is here to keep your thirst quenched and make remembering to drink up, a snap. 

Heard of the Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket? This sleeping bag like blanket gives you an at home, personalized sauna experience. Whether you want to boost your mood, immunity, ignite your glow, improve circulation and burn calories, this blanket will become your go to for a deep sense of renewal. 

Want to maximize your sleep hours? Liquid I.V. Sleep Multiplier uses breakthrough cellular transport technology to ease your body more quickly into a restful state, as well as providing replenishing hydration while you sleep so you wake up feeling invigorated. 

Whether you have the time for a long nap, or you need a quick “perk up”, Boscia’s new Triple Hyaluronic and Honeydew Moisture-Boost Gel Eye Masks will take you from looking tired and puffy, to taunt and refreshed in a snap. 

If you’re in Toronto, Menicure is the perfect all-genders-welcome haven for a quick recharge. With luxe leather armchairs and giant flat screen tv’s that drop from the ceiling, you’re sure to leave looking and feeling great, and ready to get back to crushing your goals. 

Boost mood, immunity and reduce inflammation with a quick trip to Vital Cryotherapy Toronto. Just 3 minutes in one of their cryo chambers, your body will reap the benefits and you’ll leave feeling on top of the world.

If it gets you fired up to get your goals and dreams down on paper, the Buzz Planner is sure to be your new BFF. It can be a hugely helpful tool to take some time out to map out where you want to go and just how you plan on getting there. 

If you’re the bookworm type, who likes to zone out while reading a great book, why not jump into The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge. You can even listen on Audible if you’re not in the mood for a paperback. 

Feel like you may need a refresh on the importance of your “why”? Get reinspired by Simon Sinek’s How Great Leaders Inspire Action TED Talk. With well over 15 million views, this 18 minute talk is a must see for anyone needing a quick boost.  

Don’t let a little bit of light disrupt your deep sleep. Try the Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask. With its light and breathable cotton material and adjustable strap, you can be sure no lights will be disrupting your REM cycles.

Brittany Johnson

Brittany is a Toronto based freelance writer, avid traveller, sheet mask hoarder and Nora Ephron enthusiast.