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What Women (Over 30) Really Want When they Swipe Right

Being a single woman in her thirties is not an easy task; the simple truth is, unfortunately, the majority of good men are already taken.

Your biological clock may start ticking as you begin to lose momentum in finding your own prince charming. Visions of being alone forever race about as your friends move forward with engagements, weddings and even babies. You desperately try to convince yourself that your singlehood is by choice and come really close to believing your own lie. Until it’s a snowy Friday night and everyone is home with their other halves while you’re stuck watching Julia Roberts’ movies in bed with a bottle of wine.

Although I met my boyfriend right before my thirtieth birthday, the above scenario was all too familiar to me in my mid to late twenties.

My (many) failed attempts at even securing a second date had forced me to give up hope. For that reason, I sympathize with all women who are struggling with dating and singlehood (especially if she has already celebrated her dirty thirtieth birthday).

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My best friend remains stagnant in this situation herself; still single and hunting. Her trials and tribulations over the last year have proved uneventful. I honestly question how a female of her character continues to search for love. She is a naturally beautiful woman (no injections or even a false eyelash or nail on her); she lives by herself, runs her own (small) business and is the perfect definition of an independent woman. She is kind, caring and one of the easiest going people I know. Chicken wings, Jamison and a hockey game would be an ideal date for her.

By now you’re probably questioning if I am lying (I’m not) and/or what her vice is, in other words why is she single.

The problem isn’t with her; the issue at large is that the male population has become a little too high maintenance (in my opinion). What woman want (particularly come this age) is pretty unpretentious. Firstly (and quite simply) please be honest when online dating. Height isn’t everything but my friend is 5’6” and has encountered too many meetings with a guy whose photos portray him taller than he is. The problem is, more often than not it is the male who cannot deal with a taller woman, I guess it’s an ego thing.

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Once the stature is in sync, our needs are not difficult.

Someone who is successful. Men assume by success we mean well off, but in reality what we truly really care about is drive and good work ethics. Ambition is sexy. He also needs to appreciate and accept an equally (if not more) successful woman who can take care of herself. We don’t need a man to take care of us; we want a man to share our life with. Intellectual conversations are a must, compliments are nice but it isn’t all we are after. Of course all of the ordinary attributes remain on the wish list: kind, caring, trustworthy, honest, funny…

Basically, what women want at this age is to not waste (any more) time.

We have gone on date after date and although our needs might differ from one woman to the next, we KNOW what we individually want when it comes to love. We won’t lead you on if we don’t see a future with you and expect the same in return. For my part, I want to double date with my best friend (and for her to find the happiness she deserves of course); therefore if you are (or know) a bachelor who meets the requirements above, feel free to contact me.

Featured Image: Huffington Post Canada. 


Megan Autumn

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