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Toronto’s Analogue Gallery Celebrates Five Years of Rock & Roll Photography

If you’re looking to add some edge to your walls with authentic rock and roll photography, one of the best places to find it is at Analogue Gallery. The gallery is known to house pieces shot by some of music’s most famous photographers. So to mark its five-year anniversary, we caught up with Owner Lucia Graca to hear a little more about it what’s going on

Your walls could gain a lot more edge with just one visit to Analogue.

Since Lucia Graca opened Analogue Gallery‘s doors in 2009, it’s been the go-to for worldwide rock & roll photography at its very best. Analogue’s walls are filled with pieces shot by some of music’s most famous photographers and feature legends like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Dylan and Diana Ross, among others.  

In true rock & roll fashion, the gallery’s also been known to throw some epic parties. 

So to mark its five-year anniversary, we caught up with Graca to hear a little more about all things Analogue.

What inspired the idea behind Analogue Gallery?
Music has always been one of the most important things in my life. I spent most of my youth going to concerts and collecting records, fascinated with all the different genres and eras and the fashion of it all. When I finished my photography studies at Concordia University, it seemed like a natural progression to turn my camera lens towards the music. My own experiences as a music photographer eventually led me to open Analogue Gallery in 2009. I wanted to create a platform for those I admire who were also performing the art and to shine a spotlight on past photography greats and their archives.

What have been some of your favourite photographs that have graced the walls of the gallery?
We have had some of the most iconic images in music history on Analogue Gallery’s walls over the years, including some extremely rare ones and some that probably everyone has seen. My favourites are the ‘outtakes’ of Bob Dylan and Suze Rotolo walking down the snowy street in New York that would eventually become the iconic cover of the ‘Freewheelin” record, and Allan Tannenbaum’s incredibly raw images from the New York punk scene in the 70s. There are so many more worth mentioning, since I really try to find images that surprise me and are unexpected views of the artists.

The gallery is used as an event space too; what makes a good party?
Analogue Gallery has been used for everything from photography exhibits and book signings, to intimate dinners, and even weddings. For me the cornerstone of a good party always ties back to the music, and what makes the party, is when the music is live!

What do you think has contributed to the success of the gallery?
We’ve been so lucky to be part of such a vibrant community in such a cool neighbourhood. People have supported the work and word of mouth has been great. I run my business the way I run my life – with great enthusiasm, curiosity, and care. I think that resonates with our clients.

Why do you think the gallery appeals to young professionals? Would you call the prints accessible?
It was important to me to have a wide variety of work at different prices, so that even people who are new to the world of fine art photography could start their collections with us. I really feel like there is something in here for everyone.

What are most young professionals gravitating to these days?
If there’s one thing I’ve learned after all these years it’s that there are no trends in what’s popular. I am constantly surprised by the wide variety of things that people are interested in seeing, and I think that shows a lot in the way we approach music these days too. Music trends are cross-generational, cross-genre, and we are able to experience so much more than we ever could. 

If anything, I feel that young people are leaning more towards authenticity in music and in art. People want to feel connected to what they are putting on their walls. They don’t want generic images that are mass produced and easily available.

What’s next?
I’m exploring new and exciting collaborations that will help us reach new people, while continuing to bring in talented photographers and unique images for our walls. Events to look forward to: Honouring Women in Rock, meet and greets with some of photography’s greatest legends, our 4th annual open submission photography contest in March, the biggest Contact Festival exhibit yet, and perhaps a book!


All images courtesy of Analogue Gallery facebook

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