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A Toronto Restaurant is Under Fire for This Incredibly Sexist Instagram Post

Congratulations La Carnita: you win the award for the Toronto restaurant with the most sexist Instagram post of 2016.

Sure it’s only October, meaning there’s plenty of time for another popular resto to steal this honour away, but we’re gonna go ahead and call it right now.

You would think that local restaurants would’ve learned from last year’s El Furniture fiasco, but I guess not.

Anyways, the reason they’re getting this not-so-coveted title? The lovely Donald Trump inspired post below.


The tone-deaf caption reads: “What if Donald said, “grab her by the taco…”

The caption is clearly referencing last Friday’s revelation about the disgusting comments Donald Trump made in 2005 about women, where he mentioned that he likes to grab them “by the p*ssy” and that he “can do anything” to women because he’s a star.

The video set off a firestorm of backlash both on and offline as people everywhere denounced his comments.

It even sparked a viral movement on Twitter, as Canadian writer Kelly Oxford invited women to share their stories of sexual assault and in turn, received more than a million responses.

So needless to say, making a joke about it is, at best, insensitive and at worst, actively trivializes the experiences of people everywhere who have been sexually assaulted by men like Trump; men who feel like they can do whatever and whomever they want because they’re, well, men.

Fortunately, La Carnita’s Instagram followers were quick to condemn the post for the unfunny sexist garbage that it is.

“I love your food and your drinks and your vibe, I don’t however, as a survivor of sexual assault, love the tasteless humour of whoever runs your social media account,” writes another commenter.

Since the post, La Carnita posted a three-part apology on their Twitter account.

“Tonight, we made a mistake. A big one. We used a caption that was dumb, rude, and insensitive. Once we realized our error, we quickly removed it. For anyone who saw it, know that we understand your anger and fully realize why it was inappropriate. We truly apologize. We can do better, and we will. Love, la carnita,” the statement reads.

While the apology does seem sincere, as some users pointed out, it was posted several hours after the offending photo was posted.

So was it too little, too late? Only time will tell, but we feel this commenter’s words serve as a good takeaway for restaurant social media managers everywhere: “Think about your words. You’re not edgy, you’re gross.”

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