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Toronto Bars Allowed to Serve Alcohol at 7 a.m. During Olympic Hockey Games

In its most monumental decision of the year so far, Toronto City Council has allowed bars and restaurants to start serving alcohol at 7am on select Olympic hockey game days.

2018 Winter Olympics will take place from February 9th to 25th, 2018 in South Korea. Because of the time difference, some men’s and women’s medal games start at 7:10am local time. Many were wondering what this meant for their drinking rituals.

“Torontonians especially look forward to the culmination of the hockey tournament with a great deal of enthusiasm and always celebrate with vigor in the City’s neighbourhood bars and restaurants,” reads a member motion penned by Councillor Mike Layton. What he means is, we like to get drunk and watch hockey – at all hours.

The motion, “deemed urgent by the Chair” was passed by city council on Friday. It allows for alcohol sales in the City of Toronto to begin at 7:00 a.m. on February 19th, 23rd and 24th. Since the 19th and 23rd are both weekdays, you might want to schedule some sicks days ahead of time if you plan on taking advantage of the city’s generous offer.

At the time the motion was written, games on the specified dates could include the Women’s and Men’s semi-finals and Bronze Medal Games.

As the motion points out, “The medal round of the hockey tournament represents an opportunity for residents to come together to celebrate and cheer for their team and country.”

And if that means a couple of drinks at dawn, so be it.

Christian Nathler

Christian Nathler is a contributing writer at Notable Life.