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This Weekender is the Most Successful Bag in Kickstarter History

Now that summer is officially around the corner, your days are going to fill up with weekends at the cottage, spontaneous road trips, and everything in between.

So when it comes to packing up your necessities, do you have a weekender bag that’s classy and practical? Or are you still packing your Sperrys and chino shorts into a sweaty old gym bag?

Don’t worry if you fall into the latter category – the average man doesn’t typically worry about what bag he uses.

But when it comes to the ideal weekender bag, few are as practical and as sleek as this Kickstarter-funded, ultra-grade nylon duffel bag from Bomber & Company.

The Bomber Barrel duffel bag is the perfect travel companion for adventurous gentleman, and its minimalist look is worthy of a GQ cover.

Touted as the most successful duffel bag in Kickstarter history, the Bomber & Company weekender bag originally had a target goal of raising $15,000 — which was generously exceeded by over $400,000 from more than 5,100 backers.

The bag was created by San Fransisco designers Vincent Pilot Ng and Andrew Nguyen with the aspiration of it becoming “the best damn everyday carry” you’ll ever use. Considering it’s fit for James Bond, these guys were definitely on to something.

It’s water-resistant and extremely lightweight, weighing 390 grams. It’s also equipped with military-grade clips, waterproof zippers to ensure water never soaks your travel goods, and emergency paracord zipper pulls for supreme durability. Oh yeah, and it comes with more than enough space to hold all of your goods as well — here’s a video for proof.

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The Bomber Barrel Bag retails for $60 at Amazon.


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