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The People’s Profile: The Rock Keeps Dropping Some Serious Motivation on Instagram

If you think “The Rock” is nothing but an overly jacked meathead, think again.

Not only does the actor and semi-retired pro wrestler seem like a genuinely nice guy (whether he’s going out of his way to interact with fans or to support a charitable cause), he also has some pretty solid inspiration and motivation to offer. Seriously.

Case-in-point: his Instagram account.

Whether he’s posting a shot of his alarm going off at 4:15 am for a workout (complete with a phone battery that’s 100 per cent charged), or posting impressive shots at the gym accompanied by motivational messages, The Rock’s account is definitely one worth following.

Yesterday, he posted a particularly inspirational post – and one that can be applied to any profession – to all of his 48.7 million followers. Below a picture of him pumping some serious iron at the gym during one of his ridiculously early workouts, he offers some solid advice on how to gain an edge on your competition:

“I’m up at 4am everyday to work extremely hard BEFORE I go into work, not because I’m bat shit crazy (well maybe a little;), but because I know my competitors are not paying that price and sacrificing to that degree – and that will alway give me the edge and anchor for an opportunity for success.”

“You don’t have to get up at 4am, but I encourage you to find the thing that gives you the edge over everyone else around you. Once you find it, let it be your anchor. Then you’ve just created an opportunity for yourself to succeed.

 And that’s all we ever want to work hard and create for ourselves…opportunity.”

Not surprisingly, the post has been met with over 2000 comments, most of which are from loyal fans, thanking him for his persistent motivation. So, if you’re in the market for some motivation, you might want to smell what The Rock is cooking…on Instagram.


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