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The ‘Disneyland of Wine’ Just Opened in France

Pack your bags — we’re going to France.

All of our wildest dreams have officially come true, as a wine-themed amusement park now exists.

La Cité du Vin, or the City of Wine, is set to open later this month in Bordeaux, one of France’s most famous wine-making regions.

Although the 10-storey attraction is the perfect place to indulge in some fantastic vino with friends, its overall mission is to promote and share the cultural, universal, and living heritage of wine with the largest audience possible.

Don’t expect to find your traditional theme park attractions like Tilt-A-Whirls or overpriced corn dogs and cotton candy; the City of Wine is much more refined than that.

Here you’ll find 20 wine-themed sections and exhibits that cover the history and culture of wine. There is also a 250-seat auditorium for classes, screenings, and wine-tasting sessions.

There is also a simulated boat ride that “shows what it was like to be a sea merchant sailing across the globe, selling wine” for wine aficionados who are looking for more of a thrill

The structure is visually stunning, and was designed to be a “space shaped by symbols of identity: gnarled vine stock, wine swirling in a glass…” according to the attraction’s website. “Every detail of the architecture evokes wine’s soul and liquid nature.”

There are also two restaurants on-site, with one serving up in-season regional produce, while the other is home to an impressive collection of 800 types of wine from around the world and some parable tapas.

Oh, and did we mention it also houses one of the world’s biggest wine shops?

Bordeaux, here we come.


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