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The 8 Worst Types of People You’ll Encounter During TIFF

It’s finally here: the one time of year when half of Hollywood hits Toronto for 10 days of film, fashion, 4am last calls and red carpet appearances.

Those in the industry know that behind the glam and the parties, the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) can be utterly exhausting.

And, like clockwork, each year there are certain individuals who make it even more exhausting.

Here are the 8 worst types of people you’ll see during TIFF:

The Party Crasher
Just because you may know where the hottest parties are being held doesn’t mean you should show up and try to work your way in. No amount of greasing security or charming the guest-list person will help your cause. You’ll just end up feeling like a loser (and hold up the line for the annoyed guests who are actually supposed to be there). Braving the maddening TIFF traffic isn’t worth it.

The Wannabe
We all have those people on our social media feeds who just really, really want to be a part of TIFF – even if they don’t like movies and have absolutely no affiliation to the entertainment industry. They will frequent the public parties and take full advantage of the 4am last call, posing in front of media walls in their newest outfit just for that social media post they think makes them look important. At the end, they’ll claim how “exhausted” they are from the festival as if it was their job to be part of it.


The Mooch
There’s nothing more annoying than those “friends” you haven’t spoken to for months (or even years) that conveniently come out of the woodwork just in time for TIFF seeking party invites. Sometimes they are discreet in their motive for reconnecting with you. “We should really catch up; how is the week looking for you?” they’ll ask slyly. Other times, they’ll bluntly ask you if you can get them into parties. Most of us can barely get ourselves in. And if we were going to bring a guest, it would be a friend we actually talk to on the regular, thanks.

The Fake “TIFF Party” Throwers
It’s pretty easy for any promoter or club owner to slap the “TIFF Party” label on a typical club night throughout the festival. The thing is, many of these parties have zero affiliation with the festival aside from the fact that they occur during the same time. These are the types of parties the wannabes will attend in their new outfits, taking to social media to tell the world that they’re on their way to an exclusive TIFF event.


The Hollywood PR Powerhouse Nightmare
On every red carpet, there’s usually that one major PR powerhouse from Hollywood who is a nightmare to deal with. He or she thinks that the fact that they handle a major celeb gives them the right to treat media, volunteers, and fellow PR people like the dirt on their celeb client’s shoes. Their client is often better behaved than they are when it comes to basic manners. Calm down – it’s not you who’s the star, honey.

The Celeb Stalkers
There are people who make a point of spotting celebrities during TIFF as though it was their job. At a time when you can get a personal look into the daily lives of Hollywood’s finest through Instagram, what is the point of camping outside of The Ritz Carlton with your cameras and signs for hours in hopes that you’ll catch a glimpse (and get a shitty, blurry picture) of a celeb? Seriously, there are so many more productive things you could be doing with those precious hours.


The Trainwrecks
Of course, TIFF and partying are synonymous. It’s not every week our city gets to experience last call at 4am. But after a week of parties, free drinks, and back-to-back 5am bedtimes, odds are your sleep-deprived, perpetually hungover self isn’t going to be in your finest form by the end of it all. It’s these people who ruin the nights of others with their spilled drinks and sloppiness. Pace yourself.

The Star F*ckers
The star fuck*rs are easy to spot at any party. They are done up as though they’re stars themselves in clothing that leaves zero to the imagination, usually roll in a pack of two or three other ridiculously good-looking friends and “discreetly” linger by the VIP area or booths in attempt to catch the eye of a famous face – and end up in that famous person’s hotel room.

We may sound harsh, but we’re just telling it as it is. Somebody has to.

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