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#TBT: 8 Brands From Your Childhood That Are Back and Better Than Ever

Some of the most essential brands from our Clueless, GI Joe, and Naughty By Nature days are making a major comeback as of late. And, if you ask us, they’re better than ever. From Levi’s to Hard Candy, here are 8 you can still rock with pride today …

Some of the most essential brands from the 90s and early 2000s have made a comeback as of late.

Others never left to begin with, but have managed become better with age.

So if you’re in need of a little spring shopping pick-me-up, you may want to rediscover these childhood items.

#TBT to 8 brands from back in the day that are better than ever. 

1. Levi’s
The classic Levi 501 jeans have returned to store shelves, and are in high demand. Net-a-Porter even recently collaborated with the brand to create a capsule collection. The iconic, cult classic 501 jeans now come customized and tailored. They can be worn down-sized for a slim, modern fit, true-to-size for a classic, regular fit or up-sized for a more relaxed fit.
2. Hard Candy
If you were a YM Magazine reading teenaged girl, your first makeup and nail polish was probably Hard Candy. Well, as all the teenaged girls grew up and reinvented themselves in adulthood, so has the brand. After a hiatus, it made a comeback in 2009. To commemorate Hard Candy’s 20th anniversary, the brand recently launched some of its classic, very summer-appropriate nail polishes. As for the makeup, it’s not just for teens anymore; just trust us when we say you may want to pick up quick staples like the Smokey Eye Shadow Primer, Fast and Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray, or the Brows Now! Brow Fiber Gel and Highlighter.

3. Converse
Let’s face it; Converse kicks never really have, nor never really will go out of style. They did, however, make a notable comeback a few years back. Now, more than ever, if you’re a young professional who doesn’t own a pair of Chuck Taylors for the weekend, you can consider yourself in the minority. The best thing about the shoes is that they last forever – the more worn in the better. That’s why the brand recently launched its “Made By You” campaign, which asked people to share their stories of their beloved Chucks. It also features shots of worn, stained, and customized Chucks from around the world, including a pair that once graced the feet of Andy Warhol.

4. Nintendo
Nintendo, the first video game system we all knew and loved (complete with the original orange Duck Hunt gun), has made a major comeback as of late. A few months back, the company celebrated its most successful holiday season yet, seeing its profits triple. The success is accredited to the release of games like Super Smash Bros., Super Mario Cart 8, and life simulation game Tomodachi Life. At yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that retro games from both Nintendo 64 and original DS games are finally coming to Wii U, starting with Super Mario 64 and Yoshi’s Island DS.

5. Skechers
Skechers identifies as a marketing company before it does a shoe company, and its aggressive marketing strategy – complete with celeb ambassadors, commercials, and a strong digital and social media game – could be the reason the brand is in higher demand than ever. Not just a bubblegum brand for 15-year-old girls anymore, Skechers now features a stylish assortment of footwear for all ages and occasions. Though Britney Spears may have disappeared from the ad campaigns, older, mature babes like 43-year-old Brooke Burke are front and centre. The company recently saw its highest revenue in its 22-year history.

6. Polaroid
Among hipsters, event planners, and social media stars, Polaroid cameras are even hotter than they were in 1988, when the Polaroid Impulse was released. In a similar vein as the record player, everyone’s loving a return to the retro, with the Polaroid brand in the middle of a major comeback. The company is enjoying some major growth in demand and sales – especially in the teenaged market. Many people are also refurbishing their retro models they had the foresight to keep. The Polaroid is especially popular in Hollywood circles, with celebs avoiding the risk of undesirable images ending up online. Taylor Swift even designed her latest album cover using a Polaroid. 

7. L.A. Gear
You may have forgotten about L.A. Gear all together – but you’ll probably see a lot more of it on city streets this summer. Fresh for spring is an L.A. Gear collaboration with Tyga as a brand ambassador and designer for his own T-Raww line. The “Liquid Gold L.A. Gear Lights by Tyga” – which went on sale March 31 – marks the first design since the brand’s relaunch. They are the first of the four lines that Tyga will release this year. And yes, they light up.

8. Teva
If your feet haven’t grown since you gave them up, you may want to dig your old Teva sandals out of your parent’s basement. Love them or hate them, the brand is back on the scene. At last year’s Coachella, the shoes were seen on the feet of festivalgoers, many of whom were probably too young to own a pair of the original. Designer labels – like Marc Jacobs and Prada – have debuted similar styles in recent years. The brand recently collaborated with Nasty Gal to release the “Original Universal” sandal, which they describe as “fit for every festival goer and pool-side lounging professional.”



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