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Pourquoi avoir son blogue!?

Mise à part les 140 caractères permis sur Twitter, les mises à jour de statuts Facebook, les photos Instagram et les infos de carrières sur Lindkedin; créer un blogue peut donner la possibilité au jeune professionnel de se définir une marque personnelle dans le vaste monde du Web. Si vous n’avez pas encore votre blogue, voici notre top cinq des raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez commencer à écrire dès maintenant

Still Not Editing Your Text?

One of the easiest ways to leave a questionable impression of yourself on prospective clients or employers, and thus put the competition in a better light, is to portray yourself as less educated, capable, or dedicated through unedited textual communication. Mastering the final once-over can help ensure that any doubts about your abilities never enter the minds of your readers, whoever they may be

Why Every Young Professional Should Have a Blog

Stop thinking about your next quick status update and try blogging; you may be surprised at just how much more you have to say. If you aren’t blogging yet, here are our top five reasons why we think you should get typing

The Benefits of Writing

Just as physical activity keeps our bodies healthy, and education keeps our minds sharp, writing is a holistic approach to wellness that maintains our emotional health. Here’s why adding a daily writing routine will help keep your stress levels low, your self-confidence high, and your emotional state stable