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Montreal’s Pornhub Offers Netflix-Like Streaming Service

Whether you’re into it or not, porn has become as mainstream as cable TV. So it only made sense that one of the industry’s biggest players, Montreal-based Pornhub, is mainstreaming it even more. Literally. The Internet’s top site for online adult entertainment recently announced the launch of their new on-demand Internet

Need a New Friend in Toronto? No Problem

There’s no question that finding new friends in Toronto can be a challenge for even the most extroverted of social butterflies – especially if you’re trying to fly outside your normal social circle. But Yes New Friends is about to make friendship a whole lot easier Offers the Ultimate Literary Library

Maria Popova, writer for Wired UK and The Atlantic, is something of an informational enthusiast. As such she has created a website,, the purpose of which is to supply busy intellectually-enthused individuals with the best and most interesting literary pieces on any and all topics