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New German Website Sets Up Dates Between Locals and Refugees

Despite over a million refugees arriving in Germany over the past two years, most residents have never actually had a conversation with their new Syrian, Iraqi or Afghani neighbours. Many aren’t even really aware of their presence. “It was all over the media, every day on the talk shows you had people talking

Excited Canadians Are Freaking Out on Twitter About the New Census

Paperwork is, generally speaking, not something many of us look forward to. But Canadians just couldn’t contain their excitement when they received a census letter in the mail this week, with many posting it to Twitter. And while Canadians aren’t exactly known for their rule-breaking, this enthusiasm to perform their civic

Instagram Finally Makes a Meaningful Change to Its Website

Anyone who’s ever logged onto Instagram’s website (not the app) understands how frustrating and pointless the site seemed. Yes, you could scroll through your home page and see out what your friends had recently shared. But there was no way to check your notifications, which in Instagram terms is basically social

This Website Shows You What it’s Like to Have Dyslexia

Dyslexia is one of those conditions that seems impossible for most people to even pretend to understand. Now, to offer a little help, a new website features an approximation of dyslexic reading that demonstrates the daily challenge faced by people with dyslexia. Created by developer Victor Widell and based on his

The Ashley Madison Hackers Just Released 10GB of Stolen Data

So…it turns out they weren’t bluffing. The hackers that claimed responsibility for stealing a bunch of private data from Ashley Madison, a dating site that encourages infidelity, just posted almost 10GB of the data they stole. The information released includes everything from member emails and phone to full profile descriptions