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15 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Toronto for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to picking out where to take your significant other for Valentine’s Day, you don’t necessarily need to make a reservation at the hottest new restaurant. You want to choose a place that is intimate and quiet, but still classy enough so your date knows you put some

10 Valentine’s Day Options for Every Kind of Date in Toronto

Whether you love it or loath it, Valentine’s Day is on the horizon. To make it a simpler experience, we’ve rounded up some options that are outside the traditional dinner or Netflix and chill options. But whether you’re in a new relationship or an old salt wanting to make the

Valentine’s Day Challenge Date: Naked Yoga in Calgary

Valentine’s Day as an institution can be viewed as either a romantic holiday or an incredibly corny excuse for candy companies to make money. So when it comes to planning something for you and your significant other that’s beyond settling into an episode or four of The Bachelor, you need

A Totally Different Way to Spend Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue…blah blah blah, Valentine’s Day sucks for you. Single or attached, we have a great way for you to spend everyone’s least favourite holiday weekend. And it doesn’t have to involve roses, sappy songs, or dinner reservations